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  1. Feels like a man
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Feels like a man (rosser)

When he’s away from me
He feels like a man
I see him in the street
With his money in his hand
He’s going to hang and spend time with his friends
When the good time’s over
He’ll be coming home again

I think I’ll wait and see
If there’ll ever be a change
If there’ll be harmony
Flowing between us again
I’ll do my part to save us from a broken heart
When love’s on the run
You look up one day it’s gone

I can’t stand it when he always screams and yells at me
Other people don’t take him so seriously
I try to do my best to react differently
I don’t think he knows how much he’s hurting me
Sometimes I know I must be doing something wrong
Sitting up here on my own
No one ever taught me how I could keep a hold of this man
All I want to be is his friend
And when he looks at me all he can see is pain in my eyes