Faith NYC

At the heart of Faith’s sound is bandleader, Detroit-born bassist/vocalist Felice Rosser.  Felice’s mix of baritone and falsetto vocals is distinctive; it demands listeners to take notice of her captivating and androgynous stylings. Her dub roots inspired bass sound lends a haunting pulse to the music. Drummer Paddy Boom was a member of Scissor Sisters, playing on their first 2 multi-platinum releases.   Tokyo-born guitarist Nao Hakamada’s envelopes the sound with genre-bending, hypnotic,improvisational tones. 

Felice Rosser “Sings in a voice both plangent and wailing.”  
New York Times 

“With sweet and powerful guitars and funky polyrhythms, Faith has developed an immensely colorful sound…tunes that are not rock, not funk, not r&b, so much as deeply soulful tone poems back by multiculti dream pop.”  
Village Voice

“There’s a reason this trio has earned a reputation as a gem of the NYC underground.”  

“Faith has formed a musical style unlike virtually any other sound out there.”  
James Lien – CMJ 

“Felice Rosser’s deep, purposefully exploratory bass lines established her long ago as one of the most consistently interesting and original four-string players in town.”  
New York Music Daily 

“If Nina Simone had a power trio with a rock/soul and reggae flair, it would sound something like this.” 
Doug DeFalco (Talent Buyer, DeFalco Presents)